Father / IT Guy / Band Member / Amateur Photographer / Blogger
Father / IT Guy / Band Member / Amateur Photographer / Blogger
A tabletop Christmas tree and a couple of artist "Mannequins" make for some unexpectedly nice photographs this time of year.

Celebrating the Christmas Holiday Season...

I've been working on this sketch for the last 2 week - based on the Father's Day photo I took of Pop.

Cowboys/Steelers was just what the doctor ordered for all of us NFL fans.

#CLEMSONING returns after a 2-year hiatus, thanks to the ACC Coastal Division.

Umm... Duke was supposed to win LAST week so all of my Carolina friends would be happy -- OOPS! Also, Maestro's picks for the weekend as he continues to help you stay ahead of your monthly obligations.

Every four years we not only get to elect a POTUS, but we get to see a renewal of one of the NFL's storied rivalries -- Dallas/Pittsburgh.

That rare moment when North Carolina Tar Heel fans HAVE to say "GO DUKE!"

As is customary for all NFL teams, I had my "bye" last weekend, and it came at good time...

I hope my smile brings laughter to your day, as you settle in after an active weekend.

Yeah, about that Obama/Hillary hug from this past August...

Has social media made race relations worse...?

Hopefully, the above photo can bring a smile to your face as you navigate your way back into a Monday morning.

I think we are right in the middle of the beginning of America's second Civil War AND Civil Rights Movement -- simultaneously