Drupal: Using 'hook_page_build' to add element to BODY

Continuing in the series to further promote Drupal...

In the past couple of weeks or so, I found a use case which required me to add an element to the <BODY> section of a Drupal-generated web page.

Initially, I thought "well, I can do this easily with hook_preprocess_page", and I set forth to do just that:

Brain Dump - 'push' and Perl Hashes

Audience - Perl developers struggling with pushing hash arrays into list arrays.

For instance:

my @list = ();
my %hash = ('a', 'b', 'c', 'd');
# results in a hash where:
# a => b and c => d

push @list, %hash;
# will result in list having the following:
# a
# b
# c
# d

Perl Hash arrays, when passed as an argument to the 'push' function, will be treated like a list.

In order to effectively push a hash array into a list array, pass a reference to the hash array, like so:

Conquering Drupal 7: MVC patterns are possible (post-mortem pt.2)

The first entry in this 'book' was more of an organized "brain dump" regarding my experiences with Drupal, as it related to recent work at the Duke University Libraries to install and configure a Drupal environment that allowed "librarians" (yes, "librarians") the ability to migrate content from an older CMS.

Conquering the Drupal 7 Learning Curve - Post-mortem (Part 1)

It seems like it was yesterday, or a couple of days ago, when we (the web developers) at the Duke University Libraries were facing a semi-difficult decision in regards to our Libraries' website.

Drupal, or Joomla...?

At the time, we were concerned that our Cascade Server-powered website would no longer be supported, AND, we were very interested in adapting an open-source approach.  So...

Drupal, or Joomla...?

ACCbbs Football Pick'em 2014 -- Register Now!

I have created an interactive website for members of the popular ACCbbs Fan Forum where we make picks on popular college football games (ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac 12, and more) for 15 weeks to determine a "Pick'em Champion" for 2014 -- basically 'bragging rights'.

Want in..?  

Go ahead, visit the site and register so you can see if you have what it takes to pick games against the best.

ACCbbs Pickem on SportsFan!